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Stan's (not pictured as he takes the photos) racewalker mobile.

I used this photo for a Northwest Profile at (It's my car with the RACEWKR license plate but I'm not in the photo as I was taking the picture.)


Every month we have our Second Saturday racewalks(SSR) around Green Lake in Seattle, Washington.

At times there are conflicts with more formal races or other events so check periodically here to see the latest schedule. We usually move the second Saturday up or back a week depending on the other events rather than eliminate these.

This is an informal race of 2.8 miles on a paved path. Meet at the south side of the Evans Pool Community Center building, next to the outdoor basketball court, at 8:45. Race begins at 9:00 AM. We meet all year, rain or shine. Check your calendar for dates of each second Saturday of the month. (Click here for location diagram)

Clinics for beginners are held on the same dates as the races at 10 AM after the 9:00 race at the same location. Meet at the outdoor basketball courts as we use the lines on the court as part of the clinic. (See diagram link above.) Fee is $5 one time. Come as often as you like. Please call Steve at 206-387-7639 for advance reservation. If no one calls or shows up by 10:10 or so, we keep moving for a warmdown lap around the lake. Wear shorts if possible that don't cover the knees as knee straightening is a key rule of racewalking. If it's cold, wear snug leg fitting pants, eg. tights, lycra, etc. so knees can be viewed somewhat. Thanks.

We have just added regular racewalk on Saturdays at 9 AM, every Saturday. We hope to get enough turnout so people can pair up with similar paces for company. A few folks are meeting on Tuesdays at 6 PM but as the weather has turned and it's now very dark at the lake, we decided a Saturday daytime walk sounds much better. We do a loop of the lake at a social pace as a minimum but if the weather is reasonable, some may want go faster. All are welcome. We decided to always go counter-clockwise, (or right if you are facing the lake at CC building), so if you are late, go the other way, clockwise, and we'll hook up part way around.

2018 Schedule, local events

December 8, SSR, Green Lake, Seattle 9AM